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    Spearhead Solutions has developed a comprehensive, integrated suite of offerings focused on the security and management of cyber, physical, and counterintelligence security risks. We help clients with the following:

    • Provide multi-disciplined security guidance regarding programmatic security measures.

    • Facilitate the protection of facilities, equipment, resources, personnel, information and property from damage and/or loss of technology.

    • Assist with ensuring Government and Industry understand and implement all required policies and procedures as outlined in regulations.

    • Assist with developing security documentation, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Security Education and Training Manuals, Operational Security Plans, and Secure Facility Construction Plans (including Fixed Facility Checklists).

    • Assist in writing security-specific SOPs for newly acquired spaces.

    • Provide knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate and continuously improve comprehensive security posture.

    • Assist in planning, developing, implementing and maintaining programs, policies and procedures to protect systems, network and data.

    Additionally our suite of offerings, include:

    • Executive protection.

    • Estate security and property management.

    • Event security.

    • K-9 security services.

    • Maritime operatives.

    • Aviation services.

    • Bicycle patrol.

    • Spotter services and loss prevention.

    • Uniformed security services.

    • Security consulting, training, and risk analysis.


    Spearhead Solutions has a strong logistics core facilitated by our highly trained and experienced professionals with fully accountable processes and procedures that will provide the following:

    • Logistics Requirement Analysis.

    • Provides updates Technical Manuals, Quality Control Manuals and Employee Handbooks that comply with regulations on local ,state and federal levels.

    • Provide Provisioning Analysis and establish Requirements Documentation.

    • Provides our clients with the installation, implementation and maintenance of current technological logistics systems and security equipment.

    • Provide our clients with thoroughly vetted, experienced and technically qualified personnel who are instrumental in operations and various levels of logistics support.

    • Monitor the changing technology and services in the market place and adjust implementation strategies and procure the necessary tools and equipment in a cost effective manner to meet the security needs of the project.

    Technical Services

    Our team evaluates, designs, and implements physical and information systems infrastructure through a wide variety of audit processes, assessments, and reviews to support general and regulatory compliance.

    Preventative Maintenance

    Our preventive maintenance programs cover all types of equipment found at commercial office buildings, data centers, federal office buildings, retail centers, hospitals and educational institutions to name a few.

    Our technicians are holders of the “certified automatic gate operator installer” certification, factory trained and certified by DoorKing, factory trained by HySecurity, and factory trained and certified by other manufacturers of automated vehicular gate operators, telephone entry and access control systems.

    Team Spearhead personnel have direct experience designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing access control systems, gates, and gate operators. Team Spearhead personnel is trained and authorized to inspect, maintain and repair security barriers, in compliance with the original end manufacturer’s manuals and warranty requirements.

    Risk Management

    • Perform risk assessments to identify and determine security threats.

    • Review security plans to ensure physical compliance with regulations.

    • Conduct risk assessments in accordance with cyber policies / regulations.

    • Assist with ensuring Information Assurance (IA)-related components are compliant with National Information Assurance Partnership or Common Criteria standards.

    • Assist in identifying information protection needs for Information Systems.

    • Interpret and promulgate Information System (IS) security requirements.

    • Conduct site surveys as requested by USG and Industry.

    • Ensure annual self-inspections, inventories and refresher training are complete.


    • Provide insight on security best practices, industry standards, processes and protocols as well as areas of concern and outstanding issues.

    • Evaluate security architectures and propose solutions for issues identified.

    • Develop and administer knowledge-based training programs covering physical security, construction security, document control, material control, supply chain risk management, site security, and cyber security.

    • Increase security knowledge, skill and ability among Government and Industry.

    • Provide guidance in drafting Antiterrorism/Force Protection Plans, Emergency Action Plans.

    • Provide expertise on operations, management and maintenance of SAPF/SCIF.

    • Provide written recommendations on implementing security requirements and security systems (CCTV, guards, barriers, locks, access control, etc.).

    • Assess the effectiveness of information protection measures.

    NAICS Codes

    Spearhead Solutions has capabilities across the following NAICS Codes

    561612, 488490, 493110, 531618, 541618, 561210, 561621, 541511, 811000, 2361, 236115, 236116, 236117, 236118, 2362, 236210, 236220, 2371, 237110, 237120, 237130, 2372, 237210, 2373, 237310, 2379, 237990, 2381, 238110, 238120, 238130, 238140, 238150, 238160, 238170, 238190, 2382, 238210, 238220, 238290, 2383, 238310, 238320, 238330, 238340, 238350, 238390, 2389, 238910, 238990

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